Lyndhurst from Boltons Bench

Brief History of Lyndhurst Bowling Club

Lyndhurst Bowling Club: The Early Days

The Club was founded in 1928 by Dr Alfred Moore who had retired to the village of Lyndhurst in 1920. He had a sister living in Ashurst and a brother at Verwood in Dorset. Dr Moore was a bachelor and enjoyed a game of tennis at the local club which, at the time, was based in Pinkney Lane.

Through a local friend, James Hughes, Dr Moore became involved in starting a new tennis club on land off Sandy Lane, next door to where the Club is currently based.

This land had been made available by the nearby Cedar Mount Estate, later to become a small residential development.  His plans for the new Tennis Club included a building to be known as a “Social Clubhouse, where the hall could be used for meetings, dances, billiards and changing rooms".

Following the success of the Tennis and Social Club, Dr Moore began to respond to a number of requests from local people for a bowling green to be established. James Hughes made a small piece of land available, next to the Tennis Club and at the rear of two properties he owned, for a green to be constructed and a club to be founded, all for a nominal rent. 

On the 1st May 1929 all was ready and Dr Moore rolled the first wood down the green. Due to the size of the plot and adjacent properties, it was sufficient only to allow play up and down (East to West) and not across the green, which is still the case today.

Eventually, in the 1960’s the three organisations situated on the site, the Tennis Club, the "Social Hall" and the Bowling Club became their own individual clubs. By the late 1970’s Lyndhurst Bowling Club had 30 to 40 members but few real facilities within a small, basic clubhouse, boasting just one plug point, a kettle and store shed.

In the 1980’s, membership had improved, as had its funds and gradually the clubhouse was upgraded with windows salvaged from a now demolished nearby hotel and generally much better reception facilities at the green. In the early 2000’s the existing changing rooms for ladies and gents were added to meet the current league rules.

Today we have a mixed membership of about 90, comprising both active bowlers and social members, who enjoy this lovely green with its modest but adequate facilities, right in the centre of the village of Lyndhurst. The club is very well hidden and tucked away from the busy roads providing a pleasant “haven” for bowling and relaxing. Who could have foreseen that Dr Moore's initial idea for a bowling green, started and promoted all those years ago in 1928, would be flourishing so well today.